Lease Line

Lease Line


IT Stairway’s Ethernet Leased Line services can be used for the interconnection of Ethernet networks between two or more Enterprise offices.

WAN bandwidth requirements are growing at rates exceeding 30% per year fuelled by bandwidth hungry real time network applications and business growth. Ethernet Leased Line services offer the ease and scalability of Ethernet LAN technology across a wide area communication network that makes them the right choice for building WANs of growing businesses. Scalability is unmatched compared to traditional access technologies. Bandwidth is easily scalable from 64 Kbps to 1Gbps on the same interface. With standard LAN interfaces, Ethernet Leased Line services enable customers to link their sites together with the same equipment and solutions they use in their local networks. Ethernet Leased Line services support both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint links.


Savings on Cost
The network simplification offers savings in capital and operational expenditure
No special learning curve to set up WAN connections
Addition of bandwidth beyond contracted bandwidth without additional port deployment


Ethernet has established its omnipresence virtually on every networking device and hence using Ethernet services simplify network operation, administration and maintenance
It provides an Ethernet hand-off that makes it ‘plug and play’

Quality of Service Features:

Ethernet Leased Line services offer dedicated capacity, with Quality of Service (QoS) and protection features
The very low latency and zero packet drop guarantee required for sensitive applications can be easily met

Prioritization of Critical Applications:

The network should be intelligent to differentiate between the mission critical applications and other applications in order of priority. Class of Service (CoS) capabilities enable enterprises to assign different priority levels to specific applications to differentiate between voice, video, ERP, CRM, SCM and non-mission critical applications like e-mail, FTP and web browsing.


The ITStairway Ethernet Leased Line network is designed to provide security from Denial of Service (DoS), worm and spoofing attacks, which are a common concern with Ethernet networks.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Increasingly IT managers are concerned about the susceptibility of isolated SAN islands to a serious failure. These failures can be caused by natural weather events or unforeseen circumstances. Considering this, businesses are rapidly moving to develop and implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans. This, in turn, creates a demand for high bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between data centres, which can be provided by ITStairway Ethernet Leased Line.