SMART SENSOR (STAND ALONE EXTERNAL P.I.R.MOTION DETECTOR) with sensitivity, time, Lux,re-trigger & bypass controls.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Can switch up to 1000W electrical load. Security Device, Welcome Light and Energy Saving Device.


• Stand alone
• 220 V AC operation
• Wall mount
• Can independently switch electrical load of up to 1000W
• Can switch heavier electrical load by connecting additional relay js.
• Dual Element Pyro Electric sensor
• Detection angle 110°
• Detection range 12m
• Sealed optics
• Sensitivity control
• Lux (Light) level control for operation
• Device on Time control from 10 seconds to 35 minutes
• Re-Trigger switch for extended device on-time
• Permanent device on 1Sensor bypass switch
• Sleek ABS housing


Operating voltage:220AC (+ 10%-20%)
Power consumption stand by:0.5 W Power consumption maximum:2.5 W Polarity:Sensitive

Operating temperature:0oCto 50o C Storage temperature:-10″Cto 60″C Operating
humidity: 90% non-<:ondensing Storage humidity:90% non-<:ondensing Recommended Instillation Environment:Outdoor,Residential, light commercial and offices